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    • Driving Lessons in Broadstairs - Kent

      Driving Schools in Broadstairs

      Broadstairs driving lessons
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      Driving Schools in Broadstairs - Kent

      What to do when learning to drive?

      • Obtain a provisional driving licence from age 17 for a car
      • Take driving lessons
      • Pass the theory test
      • Apply for your driving test
      • Take your driving test
      • Only 50% of people pass their driving test so don't be disheartened if you fail

      Getting driving lessons is essential and there are many professional driving instructors who are perfectly qualified to help you. It is also essential that you know how to drive properly. Driving a car on public roads is a major responsibility. While family members of friends may offer to take you driving this should really be seen as additional experence behind the wheel and not a substitute for professional driving lessons.

      Broadstairs driving lessons

      Did you know?

      The pass rate for driving tests published by DVSA show an increasing pass rate over the last few years to now just over 50%.

      Males pass their tests slightly better than women.

      Country areas have better pass rates than large towns and cities typically.

      The first time pass rate has been at 47% for the last 4 years.

      The theory test pass rates has fallen from over 65% in 2008 do just under 50% in 2015.

      Fin the nearest thory test centre by this link.

      Example driving test theory questions

      • A roof rack fitted to your car will cause?
      • Upon driving through a flooded area, what should you do?
      • You're driving along a country road. A horse and rider are ahead of you. Do you?
      • In which scenario should you never consider overtaking cyclists?
      • You are towing a trailer on the motorway. What is the maximum speed you can go at?
      • You see a pedestrian with a red and white stick, what does this tell you about the pedestrian?
      • You are at a railway level crossing and the red light signal carries on flashing after the train has passed. Should you?
      • In which scenario will anti-lock brakes on a vehicle be activated?
      • At what time do you need to show your certificate of motor insurance?

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      Also Rider Training in Broadstairs - Kent

    Broadstairs driving lessons
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