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    Hazardous Waste in Broadstairs

    Nursing & Care Home Waste Services

    Nursing & Care Home

    Nursing & Care Home

    Nursing and Care homes in Broadstairs often produce a large quantity of waste including incontinence waste, swabs, dressings, gloves, aprons, sharps pharmaceutical and drug destruction kits etc. Ensuring you have the correct collection and disposal service in place can be a daunting process.

    Principal Hygiene has years of experience collecting disposing and managing clinical waste in Broadstairs so you can speak to us with confidence safe in the knowledge we are skilled clinical waste managers who can guarantee to provide what you need as and when you have a requirement. We are just a call away to help you choose the right type of waste collection and disposal services with the right frequencies that are efficient, reliable, and value for money.

    Using one clinical waste specialist to manage all your waste streams makes sense, no more multiple invoices or calls to various companies, with us we can take care of all your waste with single source invoicing. We make it our responsibility to ensure we keep you legally compliant by providing clear and simple specialist services. You can be confident when you choose us to manage your waste it will be disposed of correctly in line with legalisation and that the products and services we offer are, safe, clean and compliant.

    We will never use legislation as an excuse to inflate your costs; we will only pass on costs relating to the management, carriage, disposal and or registering of your waste streams where applicable and only after ensuring you are aware of any pending charges and more importantly are in agreement.

    Services in Broadstairs:

    Waste Disposal

    Waste Disposal

    • Offensive Clinical Waste
    • Hazardous/Infectious Clinical Waste
    • Incontinence waste collection
    • Sharps Collection
    • Pharmaceutical waste collection
    • Drug destruction collection
    • Theatre bin collection
    • Medicinal waste collection
    • Cytotoxic and cytostatic drugs collection
    • Sanitary bin servicing
    • Commercial Waste Collections
    • Recycling Waste Collections
    • Confidential Waste Collection and much more

    Call the experts:

    As a waste producer do you know if you are compliant? Do you know how effective or if your waste disposal service represents value for money? Not sure? then talk to Principal Hygiene we can help you with advice and support ensuring you have the right services in place that delivers value for money, is compliant and meets your waste disposal needs.

    Call us if you require more information or simply to chat over your requirements, with years of experience in your market sector we have you covered.

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    To learn more about our nursing & care home waste services in Broadstairs - Kent visit: http://principalhygiene.co.uk/nursing-care-home-waste

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