Off Site Shredding in Broadstairs

Principal Hygiene provide comprehensive document and file shredding services to organisations of all sizes across the UK and for home workers and residential clients. We offer secure destruction of documents, hard drives, confidential information and more. Our shredding service is based upon usage and weight as cost indicators, meaning we can provide you with a service that offers optimal saving and excellent service.

Our Shredding Service in Broadstairs includes:

• Off-site Shredding
• On-site Shredding
• One-off Purges
• Contract Shredding Services
• Recycling Shredding Service

Off-site Shredding in Broadstairs

Should you choose an off-site service then all your unwanted material is taken to a secure local facility by GPS-monitored trucks? Once it reaches the facility it will be shredded, baled and recycled. Should you choose, you can watch this process and you will be given a certificate of destruction once the process is complete.

Our off-site shredding includes:

• Standard 16mm shred down to 2mm shredding when required.
• Shredding secure to BS EN 15713.
• Security staff collect material from site.
• Pre-8AM, after work and weekend options available as well as standard working days.

On-site Shredding in Broadstairs

When you choose our on-site shredding service, the documents and hard drives that you need destroyed will be shredded on your premises in front of you. Once the waste has been destroyed, you will be provided with a certificate of destruction. Not only is this procedure fast and secure but you can also rest easy knowing your confidential waste has been dealt with.

Our on-site shredding includes:

• Standard 16mm shred down to 2mm shredding when required.
• Shredding secure to BS EN 15713.
• Security staff will attend on an agreed day.
• All material is thoroughly weighed, providing an accurate record for recycling.
• Pre-8AM, after work and weekend options available as well as standard working days.

Contract Shredding Services in Broadstairs

Principal Hygiene offer a range of scheduled shredding service frequencies and bin sizes. We make it simple for you to shred secure documents including folders and staples, no need to separate unwanted paper from staples or folders simply put them into the shredding bins and we will collect and destroy.

Scheduled Collections include:

• Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Shredding Services.
• Range of Bins sizes internal and external.
• Dedicated account management.
• Various types of media; CD’s, DVD’s, Hard Drives and even staff Uniforms.

All your confidential material is disposed of in compliance with the Data Protection Act and BSEN 15713 security shredding standard and our staff are DBS checked to standard BS7858, and our vehicles are GPS tracked and solid sided to prevent access to the contents.

One-off Purge Shredding in Broadstairs

If your organisation only requires periodic shredding services, then we offer a one-off ‘purge’ service. Our one-off shredding service can be done either on-site or off-site and is as discreet and secure as our other shredding services. During an on-site purge, all the materials you want shredding are weighed for an accurate certificate of destruction. For an off-site purge, a certificate of destruction will be sent to you after same-day shredding.

Our one-off purges in Broadstairs include:

• Offices, warehouses and archive materials.
• Bags and or boxes of documents.
• Stapled and wire-bound documents.
• Branded materials.
• National coverage.

Hard drive shredding in Broadstairs

Guidelines for data protection also apply to information storing devices including: hard drives, USBs, laptops and more. When you no longer need these items, you must take the proper steps to destroy them or you or your customers could be left vulnerable. In addition, we will fully shred hard drives as opposed to punching holes in them ensuring full security.

Our hard drive shredding includes:

• Hard drives
• Flash/USB drives
• Memory cards for printers and photocopiers
• Laptops and tablets

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